G-J0TKTP06ND E13: (Part 2) - Animal Control - Small Town Scuttlebutt

Episode 13

Published on:

20th Aug 2020

E13: (Part 2) - Animal Control

A fan letter! Not another water ban! (Kathe needs a snack cake). "Skunk Search 2020". Countdown to school reopening. It's Milliner Time! Leeann Bravo pitches MHS Alumni events. ACO Cronin addresses crazy animal issues! What's up with squirrels? Bear on the loose - could it happen again? Why is a .410 shotgun better than a handgun when putting down an injured deer? Mario tells you how to protect your lawn from the heat and humidity in August. Grateful Dead Trivia! And, the Scuttlebutt News with Meghan.

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Small Town Scuttlebutt
We react to the over-reactions to small town problems.
Small Town Scuttlebutt explores all the intriguing aspects of small town living. Things like over-competitive youth sports, criminally high taxes, and dog crap on the sidewalk. The gossip, the rumors, the endless public shaming on social media! You wanna know what is really behind the quaint small town facade? Then you need to listen to Rick Fink and Mike Paige satirically break it all down with their mind-blowing commentary, riveting investigative segments, and a stellar lineup of special guests.

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Rick Fink Jr.

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Rick Fink Jr. is the co-creator and host of Small Town Scuttlebutt and a stay-at-home-dad. As an emerging comic in the Boston area during the pandemic, Rick sought podcasting as an alternative to live performing. Rick's first time on stage in front of a microphone occurred in second grade when he won a chickadee mating call contest.

Mike Paige

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Mike Paige is the host of "The Mike Paige Doodle Club," the biggest thing to come out of Medfield TV since they live streamed the "1982 Senior Center Shuffleboard Tournament of Champions, Sponsored by Revlon." He often wears cardigans and bow ties, while still identifying as a manly-man. Ladies, you can look but you can't touch because this guy just got engaged. Also, he has a dog named Winston.